President’s Message


Rich Kennedy, President

Dear Angel Fund Family:

We continue to reflect on our supporters and the role you
have all played in this special organization.

What makes us special?

First and foremost, The Angel Fund is not a national charity; we are local. Our supporters are
local – our families are local – our friends are local, and collectively, they represent the core
of our Angel Fund family. They are part of us and we are a part of them; the two are one in the
fight to cure this horrible disease.

Secondly, we are passionate. What makes us so passionate is that many have lived through the heartbreak and sorrow of seeing their loved one live with ALS and lose their battle to this horrific disease. Yet through this heartbreak and sorrow, we have witnessed together unbelievable acts of bravery, courage and heroism from family members, supporters and patients alike. This is our inspiration not to give up, and continue to fight for as long as it takes to find the  cure. This is why we, together with you, have made the commitment to support Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr. and his research … to climb that mountain together, as difficult as it may be, until a cure is found, which was the goal of our original Angel, Ginny DelVecchio.

Thirdly, while the Angel Fund may be a smaller charity in comparison to others – we stand tall in our donations to Dr. Brown and his ALS research; in fact, we have donated over $5 million to Dr. Brown. The Angel Fund support provides him with discretionary monies not available to him via other funding avenues and we know how important that is to his research and success.

Last year, we started a campaign – Step Up to Cure ALS – to raise $4 million to help Dr. Robert Brown – to bring his research to human trials. We are halfway there thanks to our generous Angel Fund family. It would be amazing to be ableto provide Dr. Brown with another $2 million to push his research ahead to get to these trials within the next year! Every dollar counts in our mission to find a cure for ALS!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events and are so blessed to have you by
our side in the fight against ALS.


Richard Kennedy