President’s Message


Rich Kennedy, President

Dear Angel Fund Family:

On behalf of The Angel Fund for ALS Research, thank you for your support throughout the past year.

As I frequently mention, The Angel Fund is proud of its reputation as a “family,” a family focused on finding a cure for the devastating disease we all know by just three letters: ALS.

We all know that ALS is a disease that does not discriminate

As a family, we have a common thread that weaves us together beyond our commitment to fighting ALS. Most of our family members have lived through the heartbreak of seeing a loved one live with ALS and lose their battle to this horrific disease. Some have also endured the unimaginable heartbreak of being affected by Familial ALS and having more than one family member fall victim to the disease.

We have so many wonderful people who step up every day to fight with us in the battle against ALS. You have attended events, participated in or volunteered for events and donated generously. We have benefitted and enjoyed so many amazing events this year hosted by some amazing people. As a matter of fact, you can see the support we receive through the photos on this letter.

We are grateful for all donations – every dollar helps. We are proud to say that our total research funding averages 90% of the total expenditures incurred. That statistic alone makes us stand out as a very special – and dedicated – organization.

The Angel Fund is fiercely committed to helping fund the research of Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr. and his team, all of whom are key players working to finding the cure for ALS. We will continue to work tirelessly to create awareness to push this research forward until a cure is found.

We need to find the CURE. Please continue to step up with all of us to fight ALS.


Richard P. Kennedy