Help Find A Cure For ALS!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Richard Kennedy, President
  • Eugene Nigro, Esq.,  Clerk
  • Paul DelVecchio, Treasurer
  • Julie DelVecchio
  • Todd DelVecchio
  • Salvatore P. Falzone, Jr.
  • Dr. Neil Gleason
  • Janice Nigro, Esq.
  • Catherine Nigro
  • Carolyn Nigro
  • Joseph Ruma

Honorary Directors
  • Mike and Dawn Timlin

  • In memory of Peter DelVecchio
Honorary Chair Advisory Board
      • Al Beaudoin
      • Russell Becker
      • Mary Bentson
      • Walter Bentson
      • Kathleen Bonaiuto
      • Mike Burns
      • Jessica Cox
      • Margaret Daly Crateau
      • Karen Keane
      • Mike Keane
      • Tyler Kennedy
      • Jeff Kline
      • Pamela LeBlanc
      • Shane McCarthy
      • Mike Mullin
      • Jill Mullins
      • Maria O’Donnell
      • Meghan Osterlind
      • Chris Remer
      • Abbie Rosenberg
      • Tommy Rossi
      • Lee Statham
      • Sue Toohey
      • Stephanie Whelan
    Honorary Advisory
    • Ed Rice (Emeritus)

    Research Team Fund Development
    • Ann Hadley: Chief Development Officer

“I get out of bed with a smile on my face because there is now optimism. It may prolong my life, it may save my life, but that’s something no one before me has had,”

Richard Kennedy - President

The Angel Fund is special.

We are not a national charity – we are local. We have very low overhead and administrative costs. Our offices are located in the law firm of Nigro Pettipet and Lucas, courtesy of Directors Jan and Eugene Nigro. That means that The Angel Fund has no rent, no utility bills, no high-paid executives. Angel Fund President Rich Kennedy and the board members are not paid.

Why are they so passionate?

Because most have lived through the heartbreak of seeing their loved one live with ALS and lose their battle to this horrific disease. They have made a commitment to support Dr. Brown and his researchers until a cure is found, the goal of our original Angel, Ginny DelVecchio. They have a sense of urgency to find a treatment and cure by supporting the gene silencing therapy. We know the patients and their families – and the patients know us.

The Angel Fund Mission

Our mission is to support ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) research and scientific investigations at the Cecil B. Day Laboratory by raising funds through events, campaigns, foundation grants and numerous other community outreach activities, to aid in finding a cause, treatment and cure for ALS.

Angel Fund supporters make a difference in fighting ALS, and you can be one of them.