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The Angel Fund….Why We’re Unique

The Angel Fund….Why We’re Unique

Step Up to Cure ALS – Help us to raise funds to help Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr. bring his research to human trials. We have raised millions of dollars thanks to our generous Angel Fund family.

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The Angel Fund has pledged $1 million in 2018 to Dr Brown’s research at UMass Medical School. The Pledge was presented at the recent Annual Gala.

In just over one year, 2016-2017, we donated one million dollars to Dr. Brown and his team of researchers and in 2018 we have pledge another $1 million in 2018.
The Angel Fund is special. We are not a national charity – we are local. We have very low overhead and administrative costs. Our offices are located in the law firm of Nigro Pettipet and Lucas, courtesy of Directors Jan and Eugene Nigro. That means that The Angel Fund has no rent, no utility bills, no high-paid executives. Angel Fund President Rich Kennedy and the board members are not paid. Why are they so passionate? Because most have lived through the heartbreak of seeing their loved one live with ALS and lose their battle to this horrific disease. They have made a commitment to support Dr. Brown and his researchers until a cure is found, the goal of our original Angel, Ginny DelVecchio. They have a sense of urgency to find a treatment and cure by supporting the gene silencing therapy. We know the patients and their families – and the patients know us. The Angel Fund support provides Dr. Brown discretionary monies not available to him via other funding avenues and we know how important that is to his research and success. The Angel Fund may be a smaller charity in comparison to others – but we are mighty – we have donated over $6 million to Dr. Brown over our existence with the help of our supporters. We are proud to say that the total research expenditures averages 92% of the Angel Fund’s total expenditures (the remaining 8% attributable to administrative costs). We are so very fortunate to have so many Angel Fund family members that care so much and help us by hosting events, participating in the events, donating and volunteering. All for our mission – to find a treatment and cure for ALS. So when it comes time for you to help increase awareness for ALS, please remember that The Angel Fund supports ALS research, and that is what the challenge is all about. Every dollar counts in our mission to find a cure for ALS! View the ALS Brochure.

Angel Fund supporters make a difference in fighting ALS, and you can be one of them.