Message from Angel Fund President

AF year end 2018 Letter no dateDear Angel Fund Family,
As we reflect on this past year, we have renewed hope and strength to carry
forward our mission of finding a cure for ALS. We have accomplished a
great deal together, and it is with your support that we have raised millions of
dollars for ALS research while simultaneously raising awareness and lifting
the level of consciousness for thousands of people. Because of our joint
efforts, the Angel Fund Family is getting stronger in the fight to find a way to
end this insidious disease.
The Angel Fund for ALS Research is fiercely committed to helping fund the
research of Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr. and his team, all of whom are key players
working to find a treatment and cure for ALS. Please know that it is with your
support that we have been able to pledge another $1,000,000 to Dr. Brown’s
research at UMass Medical School!
We are proud to say that The Angel Fund’s total research expenditures
average 92% of total expenditures. The funds that we give to Dr. Brown
are discretionary, which means that Dr. Brown and his research team do not
have to go through a grant process to get funding for this promising research.
These statistics alone make us stand out as a very special – and dedicated –
Yet as we celebrate and acknowledge all of the good that has been done and
the blessings that we have, our fight to find the cure for ALS must – and will
– continue. We fight every day for those who cannot fight for themselves.
The Angel Fund board and I have been warriors in the fight against ALS for
more than 20 years, and, with your help, we’ve made a difference. I know
both sides of the battle – working hard to find a cure while also living with the
As a family, we have a common thread that weaves us together beyond our
commitment to fighting ALS. On behalf of the Angel Fund Family, the Board
of Directors, Advisory Board and others, we hope that you will join us in our
continuing fight to find a cure.


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